WARNING:Tobacco Contains/Produces Chemicals Known To The State of California To Cause Cancer, And Birth Defects Or Other Reproductive Harm.

Gambler® Cigarette Machine FAQ's

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How do I make a cigarette with the Gambler® King Size Cigarette Making Machine?

  1. Place cigarette machine on a sturdy non slippery surface. This machine makes KING SIZE Cigarettes Only.
  2. Make sure the crank handle assembly (GP010) is in the open position all the way to the top left, you will hear it click when it is locked into position, then slide the end of a KING SIZE cigarette tube on the nozzle.
  3. Using Cigarette Rolling Tobacco, NOT Pipe Tobacco, fill the corners first, deposit tobacco evenly in the tobacco chamber.  (DO NOT PUSH DOWN TOO HARD OR PACK THE TOBACCO TOO TIGHTLY.)
  4. While holding the grip handle, grab the crank handle assembly (GP010) and rotate clockwise in a smooth continuous motion then pull handle back in a smooth continuous motion until it locks into place.

How do I clean the Gambler® Cigarette Making Machine?

The cigarette machine should be cleaned frequently to keep it in proper working order.  

  1. Rotate the crank handle assembly (GP010) several times without any tobacco in the machine to remove any excess tobacco from the tobacco chamber.  Keeping the crank handle assembly (GP010) in the open position, take a cotton swab with warm water or rubbing alcohol and clean the injector (GP018), tamper (GP003), tobacco chamber and nozzle (GP017), the part you put the cigarette tube on.  This is to remove any tobacco residue that builds up during use.
  2. Turn machine over and remove the base of the machine, by removing the base screws (GP012).  You can remove the excess tobacco and dust that falls into the bottom of the machine, using a can of air, vacuum, air compressor or a dry brush of some type. 

How to make adjustment for machine releasing cigarette tubes early?

If the machine is releasing the cigarette tubes early, there is no adjustment for this machine, it would mean that the tube clamp spring (GP004) might be broken, the tamper (GP003) might be out of alignment or the injector (GP018) is bent.  If this is the case you would need to replace the part that is bent or broken and for the tamper being out of alignment you would need to remove it from its housing unit and clean the tamper and its housing unit and when you put it back together the parts will realign itself.

How do I fix my Gambler cigarette making machine when it is jamming?
JAMMING:  This could be a few different reasons – Tobacco could be pipe tobacco, too wet, dry or fine. 

The machine is not made for pipe tobacco which is too wet and dense of a tobacco for our machines and it will cause jamming, parts bending, breaking, not filling tubes, etc.

If the tobacco is too wet, you can dry out your tobacco by letting it sit out a little at a time (as much as you will use in one sitting) to dry it.  Only do this for ½ hour to 1 hour at a time, any time beyond that could cause your tobacco to be too dry.  

If it is too dry, try taking a wedge of an apple, the peel of an orange, or a damp paper towel and putting it in with the tobacco to moisten it.  

If your tobacco is too fine, you need to buy another bag and mix it with that.  Make sure to keep mixing your tobacco throughout its use, this helps keep the fine stuff from falling to the bottom so that all you end up with is fine tobacco.

The injector (GP018) could be bent, narrowed or broken.  To fix this the injector (GP018) would need to be replaced.  Please contact our Service Center to order a new injector (GP018) or place an order using the website.

My tubes are not getting filled all the way to the filter, how do I fix this?

There could be several different reasons as to why this is happening.

Your cigarette machine might need a good cleaning to remove all tobacco residue on the machine. (See Cleaning Machine)

Tobacco could be pipe tobacco, too wet, dry or fine.  (See Jamming Machine)

The injector (GP018) could be bent, narrowed or broken.  To fix this, the injector (GP018) would need to be replaced. Please contact our Service Center to order a new injector (GP018) or place an order using the website.

I can’t get my tubes on the nozzle, how do I fix this?
There could be a couple different reasons for this issue: 

  1. The nozzle (GP017) could be broken.  If this is the case, you would need to replace the nozzle (GP017).
  2. The tubes could be crushed or made wrong.
  3. The tube clamp (GP005) could be in the wrong position to let the tubes on.  Make sure your crank handle (GP010) is in the upper most position to make sure the tube clamp (GP005) has been moved away from the nozzle (GP017).  You will hear a click when it is in the proper position.


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