WARNING:Tobacco Contains/Produces Chemicals Known To The State of California To Cause Cancer, And Birth Defects Or Other Reproductive Harm.

PoweRoll 2 FAQs

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Q:  How to make a cigarette on the electric Poweroll 2 cigarette making machine?

  1. Plug in machine and turn on the power switch.
  2. Slide the open end of the cigarette tube onto the nozzle.
  3. Open Chamber Guard.
  4. Poweroll 2 is set to make King size cigarettes by default.  To make 100mm, slide the cigarette size lever at the rear of the machine all the way out.
  5. Fill the corners first, deposit tobacco evenly in the Tobacco Chamber.  DO NOT OVERFILL!
  6. Use Tamper to pack tobacco down evenly.
  7. Clear top of machine of loose tobacco then close the Chamber Guard.
  8. Press AND release Chamber Guard over start button to activate injector.


Q:  How to clean the Poweroll 2 cigarette making machine?

A:  The machine should be cleaned after every use.  Clean your machine regularly by removing tobacco residue from tobacco chamber with the supplied Clearing Rod and Nozzle Brush.  (DO NOT USE ANY WATER)


Q:  How to make adjustment for the Poweroll 2 cigarette making machine releasing cigarette tubes early?

A:  Unfortunately for the electric machines there are no adjustments for the machine releasing the tubes early.


Q: How do I fix my Poweroll 2 cigarette making machine when it is jamming?

JAMMING:  This could be a few different reasons – 

1.Tobacco could be pipe tobacco, too wet, dry or fine.  

  • The machine is not made for pipe tobacco which is too wet and dense of a tobacco for our machines and it will cause jamming, parts bending, breaking, not filling tubes, the motor to burn out, etc.
  • If the tobacco is too wet, you can dry out your tobacco by letting it sit out a little at a time (as much as you will use in one sitting) to dry it.  Only do this for ½ hour to 1 hour at a time, any time beyond that could cause your tobacco to be too dry.  
  • If it is too dry, try taking a wedge of an apple, the peel of an orange, or a damp paper towel and putting it in with the tobacco to moisten it.  
  • If your tobacco is too fine, you need to buy another bag and mix it with that.  Make sure to keep mixing your tobacco throughout its use, this helps keep the fine stuff from falling to the bottom so that all you end up with is fine tobacco.

2.The injector could be bent or narrowed.  If this is the case the only thing that can be done is to have the machine replaced.


Q:  My cigarette tubes are ripping at the tip / taking a notch off the end, how do I fix?

A:  Unfortunately for the electric machines there are no adjustments for the machine ripping the tubes at the tip or taking a notch off the end.


Q:  My tubes are not getting filled all the way to the filter, how do I fix this?

A:  There could be several different reasons as to why this is happening.

  1. Check the 120v AC Adapter, when you plug the machine into a wall outlet there is a red light on the adapter itself that should light up.  If it does not then the adapter needs to be replaced.  Please contact the Service Center to get a new adapter or place an order on the website.
  2. The machine could have a short and the electrical is not working properly.  If that is the case the only thing that can be done is the machine needs to be replaced.    Please contact the Service Center or send the machine in following the warranty paperwork that came with the machine. 


Q:  Are the internal parts available for the Poweroll 2?

A:  Sorry the only parts available for this machine are the two springs but none of the other internal parts are available for the machine.  The only other parts that are available for the machine are the external parts.  


Q:  Will the warranty be voided if the Poweroll 2 is taken apart?

A:  Yes taking the machine apart does void any warranty on the machine.  There are no internal parts available for the machine, other than the two springs. 


Q:  Can the Poweroll 2 machine be oiled?

A:  We do have several different machines and while our crank machines can be oiled our electric machines should NOT be oiled.  The oil could easily get into the motor and electrical of the machine causing it to malfunction.


Q: Should I turn off the machine?

A: You should always turn off the machine after you are done using it. 


Q:  Should I wait for the machine to cool down between packs?

A:  If you are making numerous packs of cigarettes at one time then yes it would help to have the machine cool down every so often.  If you are just making a pack or two at one time then not cooling down the machine before then will be fine. 


Q:  What is the cleaning compartment cover for?

A:  The cleaning compartment cover is so you can clear out the tobacco that falls down into the machine while using the machine.  This should be taken off after every use.  Cleaning the tobacco out of the machine will help to keep the motor from burning out and parts from breaking.  While the cover is off the machine all you would need to do is gently tip the machine back and forth and the tobacco will fall out of the bottom of the machine.


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